New promises with ACOUHYB

Ukrainian pianist Maryna Naydon will perform several concerts with the ACOUHYB piano starting in September 2024, and will be the ACOUHYB pianist of the Trio 3&3 of 2025.

From 2011 to 2022, Maryna Naydon worked as a piano and chamber music teacher at the Chernihiv L.M. Conservatory of Music Revutskyi. At the same time, she worked with the chamber choir of the D. Bortnyanskyi academy and the orchestra of the Ground Forces of Ukraine. She was also an accompanist for the Ukrainian soprano Larisa Rogovets and worked as a concertmaster with string instruments, wind instruments and vocalists. She has been awarded with awards such as the third from L.M. Revutskyi (Chernihiv) in 2004, second in the international competition “Euro vision media star”, in Paris in 2017, and second in the “Evro Grand Prix” competition, in Vienna, in 2018. In 2022, she became an ambassador of the program of the Maria Canals "Piano for Peace" competition, in Barcelona. She gave several concerts at the Palau de la Música and the Reial Cercle Artístic, among other places in Catalonia. She has also been the concertmaster pianist in the opera “La gata perduda” at Liceu, and has participated in several chamber projects and musical groups, in addition to being an accompanist in the masterclasses of the cellist Lluís Claret. Last year, she was a teacher at the Maria Canals Competition Association, and gave piano lessons.

This September she will offer us several concerts with the ACOUHYB piano, the first of which is already scheduled for September 14 at the Mas Teixidó rural hotel in Caldes de Malavella. She will also be the ACOUHYB pianist of 2025. For this reason, I am doing a brief interview with her.

First, she tells me how she contacted Musical Innovators: “I was looking for a place where I could rehearse with the piano, and they recommended me to contact Sergey Gogolev. Later he told me about the ACOUHYB instrument.” She soon became interested in ACOUHYB because it was something new to her; “I'm always interested in discovering new things in art,” she says.

The first impression with the sound of the hybrid piano was that of being faced with something unusual: “as a professional in my field, ideas immediately came to me about the type of music that could be played with an instrument of this type.” Thus, the selection of composers and works soon began.

In the next concerts with the ACOUHYB ENSCHU that will begin in September, Maryna Naydon intends to interpret Ravel, Debussy, Haydn and new composers who have written music especially for a piano with the system ACOUHYB. According to her, this sound also fits well with early baroque music, or with music by Ukrainian composers such as Lysenko, Revutsky or Skorik.

Maryna has already had the opportunity to practice with the ACOUHYB piano with two ring PT-0 and PT-0/4 options, and she seems eager to continue trying it, finding new textures and sounds. When we talk about this, she relates the process of learning and becoming familiar with the new piano with the piano classes she gives to children and adults: “Playing a hybrid instrument requires some practice”. Even so, she considers the possibility of incorporating it into her lessons or teaching it to students: “the ACOUHYB has a very interesting sound, so of course it can be introduced into piano lessons!”

Nadja Bas.

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