ACOUHYB presents a new form of support for all those musical projects that promote the ACOUHYB system.
These are the ACOUHYB BONUSES for the interpretation of musical works, composition and conferences that incorporate this new system.
Interested parties must send proposals via email indicating their options for promoting the ACOUHYB brand.

These proposals can be on any musical topic such as concerts, recitals, composition, chamber music, conferences, festivals, competitions, etc. and must include the ACOUHYB system.

In addition, permission to record audio and video and publish it on the Internet is also included.

The bonus will be cashed in ten business days from the end of the event.

ACOUHYB Bonuses 2023

• David Llorens i Guillaumes: €1,000 bonus for the composition of a layered work of ACOUHYB timbres, premiered by Espiral Dúo, on September 21, 2023.

ACOUHYB Bonuses 2024

• Musical Innovators: €3,000 bonus for organizing concerts of the
Trio 3&3 & ACOUHYB 2024

Buy an Enschu E186 piano with the ACOUHYB system installed and you will receive a €10,000 Bonus for the organization of your events.
Only 4 of 5 Enschu pianos of the E-186 EX model with the ACOUHYB system remain.
We will help you prepare and tune the piano with the ACOUHYB System for your first event.
We organize ACOUHYB piano tuning courses and we issue ACOUHYB piano tuner certificates.
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