ACOUHYB Tuning Guide
ACOUHYB is a new technique that allows you to have two different tunings on an acoustic piano. To perform a parallel tuning of the piano register, you only need:

2 electronic devices with an application called "Pano Tuner"

4 elastic rubber dowels for the strings

1 piano tuning lever

Steps to follow:
1. Input the data into the electric tuner. For example: 440 hertz (the A note) on one of the gadgets and 439 hertz on the other (with this we will obtain the parallel tuning of 1 hertz).

2. For each note in the treble register of the piano, tune the left string according to the indications of one of the devices and the right string according to the other device.

3. Tune the middle strings in unison with the corresponding left string.

4. The bass register is regularly tuned.

5. By pressing the keys in chromatic order, make the controls to adjust the changes so that the speed of harmonic vibration is the same.

Result: With this action, we will obtain a parallel tuning timbre of 1 Hertz. Following these same steps, we can make a parallel tuning at 4 Hertz, 8 Hertz, etc.
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