Presentation of the ENSCHU Model E-121 piano, the first piano from the factory installed in Europe.

On June 27 at the SIFASOL singing school in Barcelona there was a concert by the Japanese pianist Akiko Nomoto.

Thanks to those who have generously left us some comments:

"I liked trying it because it has a lot of personality. Being an upright piano it was very easy to play trills, fast arpeggios in ppp... I was surprised by the wide sound that the low notes have. The piano from yesterday was very new but I'm sure it will sound much better when used for a longer time. I also liked the long music stand that fits the sheet music very well, the hole in the top cover, the different shape of the shows that they have put a lot of thought into making a special piano."

Akiko Nomoto

"An Upright piano with a warm sound and full of harmonics and with a mechanism response superior to other pianos in the same category."

David Llorens i Guillaumes

"The Enschu piano is great for pianists of all levels, especially professional pianists who want to go for a level upright piano.

The quality of the central and bass sounds is excellent (as if it had a microphone!), they are super deep and very pleasant to play. In itself it is a piano with super light keys, the pedal is very pleasant, keys with very good response, a piano sensitive to touch, super comfortable to play, easy. I could say that it is like a silk cloth passing through your hands. Any pianist would feel comfortable and at the same time elegant with the sound it gives off."

Pamela Colman

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